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# Copyright 2014 Mark Chilenski
# This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Purpose License (GPL).
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# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
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# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
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"""Provides the :py:class:`RationalQuadraticKernel` class which implements the anisotropic rational quadratic (RQ) kernel.

from __future__ import division

from .core import ChainRuleKernel
from ..utils import fixed_poch

import scipy
import scipy.special
import scipy.misc

[docs]class RationalQuadraticKernel(ChainRuleKernel): r"""Rational quadratic (RQ) covariance kernel. Supports arbitrary derivatives. The RQ kernel has the following hyperparameters, always referenced in the order listed: = ===== ===================================== 0 sigma prefactor. 1 alpha order of kernel. 2 l1 length scale for the first dimension. 3 l2 ...and so on for all dimensions. = ===== ===================================== The kernel is defined as: .. math:: k_{RQ} = \sigma^2 \left(1 + \frac{1}{2\alpha} \sum_i\frac{\tau_i^2}{l_i^2}\right)^{-\alpha} Parameters ---------- num_dim : int Number of dimensions of the input data. Must be consistent with the `X` and `Xstar` values passed to the :py:class:`~gptools.gaussian_process.GaussianProcess` you wish to use the covariance kernel with. **kwargs All keyword parameters are passed to :py:class:`~gptools.kernel.core.ChainRuleKernel`. Raises ------ ValueError If `num_dim` is not a positive integer or the lengths of the input vectors are inconsistent. GPArgumentError If `fixed_params` is passed but `initial_params` is not. """ def __init__(self, num_dim=1, **kwargs): param_names = [r'\sigma_f', r'\alpha'] + ['l_%d' % (i + 1,) for i in range(0, num_dim)] super(RationalQuadraticKernel, self).__init__(num_dim=num_dim, num_params=num_dim + 2, param_names=param_names, **kwargs) def _compute_k(self, tau): r"""Evaluate the kernel directly at the given values of `tau`. Parameters ---------- tau : :py:class:`Matrix`, (`M`, `D`) `M` inputs with dimension `D`. Returns ------- k : :py:class:`Array`, (`M`,) :math:`k(\tau)` (less the :math:`\sigma^2` prefactor). """ y = self._compute_y(tau) return y**(-self.params[1]) def _compute_y(self, tau, return_r2l2=False): r"""Covert tau to :math:`y = 1 + \frac{1}{2\alpha} \sum_i \frac{\tau_i^2}{l_i^2}`. Parameters ---------- tau : :py:class:`Matrix`, (`M`, `D`) `M` inputs with dimension `D`. return_r2l2 : bool, optional Set to True to return a tuple of (`y`, `r2l2`). Default is False (only return `y`). Returns ------- y : :py:class:`Array`, (`M`,) Inner argument of function. r2l2 : :py:class:`Array`, (`M`,) Anisotropically scaled distances. Only returned if `return_r2l2` is True. """ r2l2 = self._compute_r2l2(tau) y = 1.0 + 1.0 / (2.0 * self.params[1]) * r2l2 if return_r2l2: return (y, r2l2) else: return y def _compute_dk_dy(self, y, n): """Evaluate the derivative of the outer form of the RQ kernel. Parameters ---------- y : :py:class:`Array`, (`M`,) `M` inputs to evaluate at. n : non-negative scalar int Order of derivative to compute. Returns ------- dk_dy : :py:class:`Array`, (`M`,) Specified derivative at specified locations. """ p = fixed_poch(1.0 - self.params[1] - n, n) return p * y**(-self.params[1] - n) def _compute_dy_dtau(self, tau, b, r2l2): r"""Evaluate the derivative of the inner argument of the Matern kernel. Uses Faa di Bruno's formula to take the derivative of .. math:: y = 1 + \frac{1}{2\alpha}\sum_i(\tau_i^2/l_i^2)}`. Parameters ---------- tau : :py:class:`Matrix`, (`M`, `D`) `M` inputs with dimension `D`. b : :py:class:`Array`, (`P`,) Block specifying derivatives to be evaluated. r2l2 : :py:class:`Array`, (`M`,) Precomputed anisotropically scaled distance. Returns ------- dy_dtau : :py:class:`Array`, (`M`,) Specified derivative at specified locations. """ if len(b) == 0: return self._compute_y(tau) elif len(b) == 1: return 1.0 / self.params[1] * tau[:, b[0]] / (self.params[2 + b[0]])**2.0 elif len(b) == 2 and b[0] == b[1]: return 1.0 / (self.params[1] * (self.params[2 + b[0]])**2.0) else: return scipy.zeros_like(r2l2)